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25 reviews for AUD Bills

  1. Cheyenne Lindsey

    High quality products, user friendly website. Discrete packaging. I recommend this business for financial needs. They also have great product descriptions and FAQs to help answer any questions you have.

  2. Mark Cowie

    Their banknotes are of the best quality you can ever find
    And it all passes all test and goes anywhere smoothly.
    You can’t even tell between theirs and the real bills, all the same.
    Counterfeit Money City is your number one guy for AU bills.

  3. Styles Anderson

    I have been searching for just the right spot to order this from
    Thank you guys for reaching out to some of us who are financially down
    I am now a made millionaire thanks to Counterfeit Money City.

  4. Amanda Edwards

    Like where the hell have you guys been all my life?
    Wish i met you guys like 10 years ago hahahahahahaha
    It’s been amazing ordering from your store
    All my worries are gone
    your services are super great.

  5. Kevin Rogers

    The fact that you guys only accept Bitcoin from clients in Australia is easy and fast.
    Though it was my first time using it, i got it all sorted out and paid for my order.
    And now it’s here. I feel so excited about this, the bills even my brothers at home could not make out the difference.

  6. Wilson Graves

    Hi! Just want to say thanks for my product . Appreciate the love and care you treat your clients here . Keep the good work

  7. Steven k.

    Amazing quality and super efficient delivery and packaging. Would recommend you guys to anyone – keep up the good work.Best shop ever Fr

  8. Penny Moore

    Great product and fast delivery. Instructions on how to use it also very clear.
    Goes perfectly well with the ATM,s.

  9. Katherine Cerra

    Paid for express services and got my package after 24hours, ?…. Wasn’t happy with the delay although I got my package

  10. Cory Mc Daniels

    Satisfied? That’s an absolutely YES ?. ?legit

  11. Shelley Walker

    I ordered products and it arrived late. I think you should improve on the company’s delivery team

  12. David Stinorm

    Always high quality notes and best prices in AU.

  13. Alain Edwards

    Are you guys still in business?

  14. Brun-hilda Fishh

    I have made an order, order no. 2653, I then emailed them to confirm they received payment etc and they replied saying they will dispatch then I later on received my tracking code. Though it took 5 days for my order to get to Melbourne.

  15. Rodrigue Styles

    I had a problem recently with a parcel that never got delivered. I thought I had been scammed. I contacted mike and we spoke. I waited a while for the post to come. Still nothing. So mike re sent my order with extra $500 inside. Tracked delivery. Great service. I order every month now

  16. Mariska Palmer

    Package received yet again though late this time around. Try and keep to your words when you say 3 days for delivery to Australia, please.

  17. James Oji

    Paying via bitcoin only is not always easy for me since i buy in bulk always. please see to that.

  18. Paul .G

    Always great, speedy service. They have gone above and beyond a few times in urgent situations. Thanks to all staff who are always very pleasant. Keep up the good work!

  19. Michele Genge

    Always helpful, professional, friendly and empathetic. Great customer service!

  20. Emilly Curley

    One of the standout services offered by CMC is their free delivery and pick-up option. This convenience is a game-changer for those unable to visit the store in person due to various reasons.

  21. Cheryl Teeter

    They have the best customer service I have had anywhere. They are very knowledgeable, efficient, and very helpful.

  22. Karen Bancroft

    If your looking for fast efficient service Counterfeit money city is the go to place. Sam and his team are helpful and ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have. I love the drive – thru service.

  23. cassandra cavanagh

    Always a great experience, super fast delivery services.

  24. AL Neil

    I believe this to be the best place to get quality banknotes in the area and maybe anywhere for that matter. Very friendly, helpful and super efficient!

  25. Brandon Mezei

    Buying of fake bills has never been an easy task i must applaud you guys for the great job so far. I just received another order from CMC last night.

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